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Natural Poison Ivy Remedy

Poison Ivy is a noxious weed that causes a severe blistering rash with intense itching.

Eastern poison ivy in the fall
Eastern poison ivy in the fall

"Contact dermatitis" is the medical term. Poison Ivy mainly grows in the eastern region of the United States.  Some people I've been told don't react to it, but I'm not one of those fortunate few. One of the best remedies that alleviate this rash is another weed called Jewelweed. It tends to grow in areas that are a little wet. Jewelweed doesn't have deep roots so it's super easy to pull up the whole plant. In late summer the plant is several feet tall and has little orange-yellow, trumpet-like flowers.  At this time of year, they are super easy to spot once you know what they look like. Just pull up a plant, cut open the stem and rub the cut side on the rashy areas. But, what if you come in contact with Poison Ivy and there's no Jewelweed in sight or it's too late in the season and all of the Jewelweed has died? You can make this easy remedy and store it in your freezer. It lasts for years! (I know because I had made some and had it stored in my freezer for 2 years.) When a friend had a terrible case of poison ivy, after cleaning out an overgrown yard that was full of poison ivy, she got a horrible, itchy, oozing rash.  After applying the following remedy, her rash dried up the next day!    

Photo by and (c)2006 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man)

Jewelweed Ice Cubes To Treat Poison Ivy Rash

1. Pull up one or two Jewelweed plants.

2. Remove the leaves and roots.

3. Wash the stems.

4. Cut the stems to fit a blender, Vita-Mix or another food processor. 

5. Add 1/2 cup of water or so to cover the blades and process until smooth.

6. Pour the liquid and pulp mixture thru a cheesecloth-lined strainer making sure to save all of the liquid.

7. Squeeze out all of the liquid and pour into an ice cube tray and freeze for several hours or overnight until firm. 

8. Label and save these cubes in the freezer.

Hopefully, you won't need them. But if needed, just rub a cube onto the rash.

Jewelweed is also known as Impatiens capensis, or orange balsam.


Essential Oils can help relieve the discomfort of poison ivy rash. Apply lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils to the rash, a drop or two to the areas. 


Also, I've heard goats love poison ivy. So if have this noxious plant in your yard, you might be able to borrow or hire some goats to eat it up for you!

Warning: Don't try to burn poison ivy! The inhaled smoke can harm your lungs. Seek medical attention if anyone has ingested poison ivy or breathed in the smoke from burning these plants.

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