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I have been a traditional nurse for over 35 years specializing in maternity, pediatrics, and adult surgical patients. I was introduced to foraging wild plants for food and medicine in 2009. This started to change how I viewed western health practices. I am also a certified reflexologist, which is another holistic and alternative health modality I practice.

I have been married to my husband for 30 years, and am a mother of 4 grown children, and 3 grandchildren. When my son came down with Lyme disease my views of traditional medicine changed even more. We changed from the standard American diet to an organic diet to support our son's health and noticed that we all felt better.


I found Essential Oils in 2014, I now use them to support me and my family’s health and wellness. We turn to the oils first instead of running to doctors and medicine. Essential Oils have become a huge part of our lives.


As a Wellness advocate with DōTERRA Essential Oils, I provide information and products to support health and wellness. I offer one-on-one consultations, group classes, and monthly workshops.


What makes me different, is that I incorporate my 35 years of experience in the Maternal, Child, and Adult Nursing fields, and, of course, the fact that I use the methods I educate about to support my own health and wellness every day.


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